Revamp blog

Plan to re-create this blog into a React app demonstrating my abilities. Debating on using Next.js or Remix as a base.

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Marten + Postgres

I have finished up a project where we replaced the use of RavenDB with that of Marten + Postgres. The transition came from the issues we were having with RavenDB, maily its chaotic, random indexing process. We needed a more robust solution that not only resloved our index issues but also allowed us to mix our usage with that of a relational database.

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My first look at HTTP/2.

Great podcast by .NetRocks on the upcoming HTTP/2 with Robert Boedigheimer. The main browsers support it. Waiting for the servers to get up to speed.
Windows 10’s IIS already supports it. Need to wait for Windows Server 2016 release and will hopefully see it on Azure.

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Using Components and Resolves in UI-Router States

Adding to the Component Pattern in relation to AngluarJs and taking excerpts from this article: component-paradigm

Quick review… The importance of controllerAs and bindToController property in your directive / component. bindToController

In summary, the bindToController property helps in situations where we want to pass something to the directive’s isolated scope from parent component. When used, properties from isolated scope will be automatically bound to controller’s this.

The example below is referencing an inline template instead of a templateUrl in the ui-router state configuration.

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AngularJs and the Component Pattern

A few tips and a few standards related to using the component pattern with AngularJs. Highly suggsted to start writing your AngularJs project with this pattern in mind due to the migration path to AngularJs 2.0.

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AngularJs - Make things more modular

There is a great talk that Nicholas Zakas gave (former front-end engineer for Yahoo and contributor to YUI). He talks about decoupling the front-end into a modular web application utilizing the event-driven architecture pattern. Here is a great summary as to how AngularJs acts like a Scalable Application Architecture.

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Importance of a Style Guide

There is an great AngularJs focus group that meets every month. They have had some great presentations while providing free pizza to those who are present. I recommend anyone getting their hands dirty with AngularJS, attend this focus group.

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