My first look at HTTP/2.

Great podcast by .NetRocks on the upcoming HTTP/2 with Robert Boedigheimer. The main browsers support it. Waiting for the servers to get up to speed.
Windows 10’s IIS already supports it. Need to wait for Windows Server 2016 release and will hopefully see it on Azure.

It is basically resolving the issue that we currently have how many requests a browser can do in parallel… 6 request at once seems to be cap with HTTP/1.1. HTTP/2 is opening up the flood gates. Not only will it allow for more requests in parallel, it also allows the client to ask for dependencies using a dependency map with priority weight.

The server also has the ability to send resources to the client without he client first asking. The server knows that client will need this Css file and this JavaScript file. Why not send it in the initial request? The protocol will now transmit using binaries instead of plain basic text.

With the issue of capped requests gone, Robert is suggesting that we don’t need to package up our Css and JavaScript anymore.
No more sprits in Css or embedded binary images. It is still important to minifiy, but no need to package and combine our resources. This brings back the ability for smaller files to be cached. If I change a single line in a large bundle, the entire bundle becomes expired. There will still be a need for compression and expiration. CDNs are still a plus.

Overall, you will see 5%-15% speed increase from HTTP/1.1 to HTTP/2 not taking advantage of the new features. Image the speed increase you can get once you implement the new features.

Listen to the Podcast.

Written on December 9, 2015